Dave Brown's techniques empower salespeople everywhere with key principles to make selling fun and more effective. 

Dave is a practitioner of what he teaches and holds numerous sales records. By the time he was 25, he knocked on over 50,000 cold doors, finishing #1 out of 3,500-4,000 salespeople year-after-year. To this day, he holds the record for the most customers ever sold by an individual in a selling season. Since then, he has made over 100,000 business-to-business cold-calls and holds records in B2B sales as well.

As an innovator in the area of sales performance, his articles have been published in Speaker Magazine and have appeared in nationally recognized blogs. He’s a guest lecturer at Vanderbilt University, author of the audio training and upcoming book Painless Prospecting and creator of the inspiring video series 42 Days to Prospecting Power.

Dave takes the extraordinary mindset that has led to his success and transfers it to his audiences. He changes people's paradigms on selling to cultivate and excitement for prospecting, so they increase the activity that leads to tangible results. He teaches people how to be pleasantly persistent in the pursuit of their goals.

More than a motivational speaker, Dave’s programs couple mindset change with techniques that attendees can implement immediately to help them dismantle belief barriers and achieve unprecedented success.

"Those who react uncommonly to life's challenges achieve uncommon results."

-Dave Brown

Sales Keynote

Painless Prospecting


Be more effective and fall in love with the game of prospecting to remedy call reluctance once and for all!


After hearing Dave’s hilarious and relevant speech, your salespeople will learn how to:

Eliminate fear so that prospecting becomes painless
Create credibility quickly by using “3-dimentional names”
Remember the names and stories of prospects and clients forever
Create unstoppable positive momentum towards their goals


Motivational Keynote

The Answer Lies Behind the Next Door


Pressure, selfishness and comparison often cause people to prematurely give up on their goals. 


After hearing Dave’s challenging and empowering speech, your audience will:

Feel more empowered by focusing on what they can control

Realize their influence and impact on others

Have more confidence by understanding the power of their unique talents

Become more determined and persistent in pursuit of what matters